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This collection from Walnut explores the darker sides of evolution. Based on the concept of Metamorphism, it is a Kafkaesque look at fashion as a state of mind rather than just a tailored piece of cloth. It is a struggle as you struggle to keep it personal to the very declaration of war and its representation. The garments capture the the most painful inner struggle. And when you give in. To let the darkness win. To let the evil take over you. To let it become you. And it is as black as black can be. It is a Celebration of Black. With mystic appliqué work textures with three-dimensional structures it creates a look that is both art and fashion. The silhouettes are chic, clean and yet edgy asymmetric hemlines and cowls, using fabrics like silk, raw silk, felt, cashmere wool and sheep leather keep the tempo upbeat and yet very contemporary.



The Jackson 5, Banana Splits, Josie and the Pussycats…60’s music was something to sing along with. Walnut finds inspiration from this very era’s easy music and attempts to reclaim a little bit of the swinging sixties back to the limelight.
The collection inspired by Bubblegum Pop is just as the name suggests. A genre characterized by catchy melodies, rhythmic tempos and peppy dance beats, the collection embodies this free spirited movement with easy, no-chaotic flows coming in from teasing organzas. The floral abstraction is indeed a tribute to the feel good nature of the sound itself and it finds itself in appliqué, textures and prints.
The uncomplicated chords and simple harmonies symbolizes pure child like happiness that manifests itself in vivid colours of candy pink, yellows, blues and purples. And sheer plays hide and seek with organzas that bring out the sensuality and innocence of the age.
Nostalgia has never been so exciting. Or for that matter, so fashionable!